Pettit Creek Farms lays nestled in the foothills of North Georgia in scenic Cartersville! This 80 acre farm has been in the Allen family since 1945. It all began with the expansion of Allatoona Lake! Raymond and Fannie Mae Allen relocated from that area to what is now referred to as "Pettit Creek Farms".



In the beginning, cotton rows, corn crops, mules and kids. In the 70's, cattle became visible and the row cropping all but faded away. The kids remained and continued to be a vital part of farm management and maintenance of the land. The farm has passed down through the generations. First, of course, to the children. In the 80's, to the grandchildren. The great-grandchildren are now being groomed to carry on! The teams of mules are all but gone. Tractor and rubber tired hay wagons have replaced them. However, time does slow down as you turn into the driveway "DOWN ON THE FARM"! Since 1945 Pettit Creek has been a real working farm. Hay is mowed, cows give birth, chickens still lay eggs. But the crowds are larger now. Not just family anymore! And the animals are just a little different. You may see a Camel, Zebra, Padagonian Cavey, Emu, herds of Ponies, Buffalo roaming; not to mention the proverbial cow, donkey, chicken, turkey, pig, goats, sheep and much, much more!


Pettit Creek Farms is less than one hour from Atlanta and conveniently located just a few miles off of Interstate 75 North.



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