Camel Rides


Whether you need one baby lamb for your show, or a flock of sheep, goats, and a herd of camels followed by a stampede of donkeys, Pettit Creek Farms has what you need!


Our camels are very friendly and personable, not a spitter in the bunch! We have six camels at this time with a baby on the way. There is nothing cuter than a baby camel!


Your production will reach new heights when you add Pettit Creek Farms "Camel Package" to your event. Example: One wise man's camel or 3 wise men camels with donkey, sheep, rams, baby goats and lambs. You can even add "Ole Buttercup", a 2400 lb bull. These animals can be tied and simply stand or sit for the production, or you could add a new dimension by allowing your performers to lead most of the animals through a crowd to draw even more attention. The goats and sheep are always looking for a hand-out or a simple pat on the back. Our animals will perform equally well outside in the elements or inside on a stage.


In order to insure a seamless production, we supply a qualified attendant's who will be on hand at all times. Our attendant's will arrive already in costume, to include; staff, headgear, leashes, halters, whips, bells, tapestry, tassels, and much, much more bling bling. Our wardrobes are styled for, and reflect Biblical times.





#1) Camel Package: one camel, donkey - sheep - goats

#2) Camel Package: 3 Camels, donkey - sheep - goats - cattle - chickens

#3) Donkey Package: 1 Donkey - goats - sheep

#4) Mix and Match: Camels, zebras, llamas, goats, sheep, lambs, cows, doves

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