Christmas Lights

Over a mile of Christmas Lights to drive thru in Cartersville Georgia. If you live in the Metro Atlanta area, come see our Christmas Light Display!

  • Live Reindeer (Comet & Cupid) are there nightly for your viewing pleasure and enjoyment.
  • Remember, for everyone's safety, please keep your headlights ON!



  • $15.00 per vehicle for a drive-thru or
  • $12 per person for a hay ride.

As mentioned below, Special Group Rates are available. Lights come on as the sun goes down every day. We'd love to have you join us for our Christmas Light Celebration.

Hay Rides for all ages:


While your waiting to go on the hayride, go by the Petting Zoo and feed the animals, or stop by and see the Reindeer. Visit with Santa every Thurday - Sunday until Christmas. The Reindeer and Hay Ride are Nightly thru December 30th.

Hay Rides for all ages:


As the Hay Ride pulls out you will go by Comet & Cupid, then along thru Thousands and Thousands of Twinkling Christmas Lights on display with sleigh bells "a-ringin". You will see 2 ft. bushes to 60 ft. trees lit from top to bottom! Along the way you will see sheep, goats, Emu, Camels and  Zebras. You can also purchase food to feed the animals from the trailer as you ride.


Private Camp Fires, Hay Rides, Feed for the Animals, and

2 Hours of FUN is available!! Minimum of 25 people please.

We ask for a $15.00 per Vehicle Donation for the Drive-Thru Light Show! This donation helps cover the cost for power, animal feed, additional and better lights each year, road maintenance, as well as a host of other expenses incurred here on the farm. Other hidden costs most people never see are the 26 children that have lived on the farm over the last 20 years. Some for months, some for years. Most came from broken homes with backgrounds of drug use, or physical abuse. Some just came to experience "Life on the Farm".

No Reservation is needed

for groups of  25 or less:

Larger groups can be accommodated, but we suggest you call ahead so that we can be better prepared for you.



None of these children were on foster care. Hard work & responsibility were taught to all, and most are doing OK today! This advise has been given to all, "You have grown up in you're world, we have given you a chance to experience ours, now you have to choose which you like better and then strive for it!"


We also make it possible for local schools to raise funds thru parking cars. Throughout the years Woodland and Cass High have participated with great success!


Prices: $15.00 per vehicle for a drive-thru or $12 per person for a hay ride. As mentioned above, special group rates are available. We'd love to have you join us for our Christmas Celebration. Why not join us tonight!

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