Petting Zoo




You may see Ms. Piggy napping or playing, you may see new baby arrivals, an Emu named KatieBird, Jack the bottle goat, Shirley & Curly the Angoras, or Barbedos to name a few! I do know you will love our CLEAN, HEALTHY petting zoo friends when you enter into the zoo! And we always have our SANITATION STATION right outside the gate for your convenience before and after visiting the petting zoo!


Sigman May Come Out To Visit You If He's Available!


From the moment you step inside the Petting Zoo... will be greeted our own special little farm friends! Jack, our bottle raised goat, will follow you around. Ms. Piggy will allow you to rub her behind her ears! They have lots of other friends with them to entertain and delight you while you're there! Our clean, healthy farm friends are eager to play! We offer a sanitizing station for your use before and after your visit with our Farmland Friends!


The Exotic Animal Zoo Review!


We have a vast array of unusual and unique Exotic Animals for your viewing pleasure! You will meet and greet many different species from South America to Africa and places between, before, and after!


Pettit Creek Farms  337 Cassville Road    Cartersville, Georgia 30120


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